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At Concepts & Ideas, we are used to do things the unconventional way. In fact, everything about us is unconventional - our thinking, the way we work and the way we function. Such unconventional thinking, that is what our tagline is, helps us to provide the best solutions to our customers.

We start by creating rare brand identities. Amazing expressions of visual and verbal language that stop people in their tracks and attracts another look with enthusiasm. For us, it is all about attaining enthusiasm and engaging people in the very idea of our client's business. What follows is our tactical marketing support, by which we help our clients develop that relationship and continue the brand journey via a whole range of touchpoints; some quite unusual.

We also have unconventional thinkers; people who do right things with great consistency. We challenge conventions which in fact helps us to find opportunities where others might see problems. We take genuine efforts to understand how our clients are unique. And we do all this with exceptional skill, control and discipline.

We believe that creating distinguished and engaging brands and further nurturing them with competent marketing and consulting strategies, is all about getting distinguished as.... unconventional.

And at Concepts & Ideas, that is our aim.

Our Team

We are a mixed bunch of people.

We have a young creative team that has sculpted great concepts and generated iconic ideas for our clients to-date. These people have some of the best minds available, true class. They are the HEART of our brand.

Our execution team, we call them the FACE of our company, consists of young energetic individuals with a brilliant business intellectual and an attitude to do things the unconventional way. This attitude has helped us build a spectacular track record and a very good rapport amongst our clients.

Our expert panel, is where the BRAIN of our business lies. We have media experts with a bulk of knowledge and expertise in advertising and public relations. Then we have business consultants who have worked for more than 20 years in a myriad of sectors.

As a company we encourage knowledge sharing, avoid egos at all cost and insist on a friendly and inclusive approach to work life. We believe that keeping this attitude helps set us apart from our competitors.




    From the fundamentals of our business     model to communicating complex     information in an easy to understand way,     we believe focus and simplicity help us to     deliver higher value to our clients,     stakeholders, and our employees


    Our passion is something that supports an     intense drive to think beyond conventions     and achieve distinction and grandeur by     elevating standard


    Confidence to say and do the difficult and     avoided. Having the courage to stand firm     with our beliefs, the humility to accept and     learn from our mistakes and the will-power     to think and practice the unconventional.


    Directing energy and strategic outcomes     towards "specific actions for specific     results"


"To provide excellent quality services to all our clients, which would aid them in reaping maximum benefits in their business and also offer them effective solutions that powerfully impact business growth, efficiency and productivity, thus leading to progressive growth for their organization."



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