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We offer complete branding solutions, starting from defining brand strategy, brand creation to brand engagement & management. We take a client's objectives, define their brand strategy, sprinkle a little creative magic and voila! - brands that positively change minds. We get into the hearts of our clients, the minds of their customers and into the hands of everyone. We think that's something which is unconventional.

Moreover, there is something more unconventional....
our approach to deal with your brand. We call it

"The 22-step Branding Mantra"


Here's what our mantra is... the branding process

Scope & Learn

Getting to the roots of your business, discovering what makes you tick


1. Brand Audit

In the first place, it is important to have a sound understanding of where your brand stands today. We establish your brand performance by obtaining vital information from your employees, customers and established market sources.


2. Competitor Analysis

We then make a SWOT analysis of your brand so as to know about your challenges and understanding what opportunities exist within the market. We always explore the competitor landscape to help us define a new direction and avoid confusing the customer with a well-trodden path.


3. Opportunities

Once we know what your competitors are doing and their value proposition, we would be equipped with the directions to express your brand's proposition and most importantly, the brand differentiators.


4. Reports

We then form a Scope & Learn report wherein we cover SWOT analysis, competitor study, global best practice reports, local best practice reports, market opportunities and more.


Discover & Define

Defining the soul of your organisation; from how it functions to how it communicates


5. Brand Proposition

Once we know what differentiates you from your competitors, we then define this making a clear statement of who you are.


6. Vision

We help you understand how important it is to have a dream, a goal that is a long-term objective. We then help you translate this objective into a simple, crystal-clear statement - the Vision statement.


7. Mission

The next part is to work out what is needed to achieve the vision. You often know better than anyone how to achieve your objectives; we simply help you understand how to break this down and build it into something visible, like a roadmap.


8. Value Sets

Through discussion sessions, we work out a short set of values that define who you are, how you behave and how you want the world to visualise you, for example, contemporary, agile, fresh thinkers or established, strong and committed.


9. The Big IDEA

This is your differentiator, things that distinguish you from your competitors. Something because of which customers choose you over your competitors. We like to explore innovative and creative ways of distingusihing your proposition, something that becomes the soul of the brand differentiator: the Big IDEA.


10. Brand Architecture

Are you a corporate brand or a house of brands? i.e. are you Infosys or Tata? Do you intend to introduce line extensions with your brands? Are you a monlithic brand or an endorsed brand? We understand your objectives and create a brand architecture that is relevant to your brand, its culture, business model, business structure and the competitive landscape.


Explore & Create

Take the concept, add a little bit of creative magic, with a spice of innovation. Nowadays, successful brands need to have something special, something almost indefinable. This comes only from exceptional creative minds, the unconventional thinkers, who have the ability to take a brand strategy and find the magic that transforms the concepts into visual reality. Such concepts should lead the market, inspire customers and worry your competitors: the strategic differentiation.


11. Naming

The name is a major contributor in a brand's success. Does the name satisfy the purpose? Is it avialable as an internet domain name? Is it search-engine friendly? Is it easy to memorise? Will it work across different cultures? All such issues are vital for your brand and we help you find a name that aligns with your pre-defined brand strategy.


12. Legal Searches & Trademarking

It is important to be sure whehter the name, which satisfies your purpose, is available and not being used by any other business in your market classification. Domain name searches and market classification are continuosly monitored throughout the naming stage.


13. Visual Identity

Your visual identity, i.e. your logo, colour, typography, photography, etc., is your brand's visual queue. Its intention is to symbolise and communicate what the company stands for. Therefore, it has to be aligned with the brand's strategy and values. We excel in creating brands that arrest enthusiasm and add real market benefits.


14. Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice is the verbal manifestation of your brand and so needs to reflect your organisation's strategy and values. We control this via refining all your communication channels i.e. print, advertising, call centres and all other sources where your customer comes into contact with.


15. Brand Implementation

We understand the delivery channels and apply the components of the brand in a consistent way. This leads to good brand implementation.


16. Brand Experience

Experience of a brand plays a vital role in its success. We help you suggest methods and strategies via which your customer gets to experience what you are offering. For example, if your company is from the housing development sector, then we help you create an appealing show-flat, where it is made sure that your customers enjoy the ambience and experience in a soothing way. Customers become absorbed in the brand if the experience is positive and brand-aligned.


17. Brand Guidelines

Guidelines are vital in managing implementation and future consistency. They come in many forms: brand books to help explain a company's strategy to staff and suppliers; overview guidelines that cover all basic identity issues such as the logo, colour, photography style, tone of voice, etc; full technical guidelines that cover all implementation issues, such as annual reports, brochures, bills, stationery, Powerpoint & Word templates, websites, interior design & specification and packaging etc.


Engage & Live

A brand is more than just a visual identitiy - it is the perception in a cusomter's mind based on the whole experience they have with an organisation. Therefore, it is important that your brand values are embedded deep within your organisation. They need to reflect right from the way your employees communicate with your customers, the way they talk, respond and function.


18. Behaviour Change

Getting your people to change the way they communicate and function, all in lines with your brand values.


19. Training

We conduct interactive training sessions and workshops for all your employees so as to embed your brand ethos in the organisation environment. We provide engaging tools to promote change and manage positive staff behaviour. We teach them to live the brand. This has to go right through the employee's journey, from recruitment to staff induction.


20. Measurement & Review

We implement procedures that measure staff progress, brand awareness within the organisation and promote further achievement. Such measurements are often guaged by setting key-performance indicators.


21. Internal Communication

Internal communication plays an important role in staff brand engagement. Taking the time and opportunity to speak to staff and share news and relevant information can help improve quality and reduce risk and effort. Sharing the organisation's values via internal channels such as intranets, newsletters, screen communication networks, posters and more will go a long way towards ensuring that your employees are always on brand.


22. Brand Guardians

We empower some employees to be responsible for your brand. This can help create a control structure which in turn should, over a period of time, help your team not only appreciate but live the brand.



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