Madhuban Sai City

Om Sai Venkata Group

C&I's stint with Om Sai Venkata Group started with a Madhuban Sai City. This was one of Om Sai Venkata's premium projects. Before C&I, this project was marketed by a reputed marketing agency who branded this project as their own. The challenge before C&I was to communicate to people that Madhuban Sai City was nothing but Om Sai Venkata's own offering.

On developing a marketing plan for Madhuban, the obvious place to start was to search for a platform so as to display the "rebranded" Madhuban to a wider audience. Through a series of property exhibitions, both in India and abroad, C&I helped regain Om Sai Venkata Group its lost pride! So much so that this group is coming up with another project near the previous location under the brand - Madhuban.

C&I's APPLICATIONS - brand strategy, identity, implementation, print, web, campaigns, ideas, participation in exhibitions



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