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Our focused & targeted marketing solutions, integrated with tactical & potent sales support, can benefit any business, be it small enterprises or national companies.

We can take care of all your marketing activities, or we can simply help out in the areas where you need most assistance.

We can help you develop a robust marketing strategy and business development plan, based on a thorough understanding of your business objectives. Our market auditors, through their research gain a thorough understanding of the issues that your business is facing. Our consultanat team then forms this robust marketing startegy and a plan for implementation.


Our Marketing Services

We offer marketing services in the following repects:

Marketing Strategy Development

We focus on working with our clients to get the upfront thinking right and to develop marketing strategies and implementable marketing plans to deliver sustainable improvements in business results.

Developing successful marketing strategies with supporting implementation plans is what we expertise in and it's how we add most value for our clients. With a combination of our own hands-on experience as marketers and with logical inputs from our expert team, we have our own proven approach to developing effective marketing strategies and plans to successfully apply in a myriad of sectors.



Marketing Planning

A strong, clear marketing plan help in achieving a company's strategic objectives. We therefore use our experience and expertise to develop a meaningful, relevant and - above all - an useful plan whose implementation will achieve your strategic objectives.



Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Marketing communications involves every interaction you have with your customer, be it an advertising campaign, a brochure, a new website or even a new business card.

Integrating these elements of communication, so that they carry a common message, is a key way of developing your brand image and maximising the impact of every touch-point you have with your customers.

At first, we identify the correct communications channels to help you achieve your strategic objectives. We then develop the right message and then integrate that message into every communication you have with your customers.



Market Research & Surveys

Apart from our in-depth client research which we genrally carry out during marketing strategy development, we can also undertake specific market research projects for clients on an ad hoc basis. We first understand your research objectives, form a research methodology and then go on field. Research is carried out using various research methods like surveys, questionnaires, interviews, feedback etc. We then analyse the findings of the research and provide you with correct interpretations and conclusions.



Online Marketing

Whether you want to develop your business's presence online, plan to e-market your product or even want your business to be search-engine optimised, we will help you with all digital marketing plans and help you implement them so that you reap maximum benefits.



Outsourced Marketing

Many companies completely understand the need for marketing of their business, but are unclear about the return-on-investment that will be delivered by having a dedicated in-house marketing team. Well if this is the situation you are facing, you can simply outsource your marketing function to us and we ensure to take complete care of you brand. We'll act as your "outsourced marketing department", and just like your internal team, we'll be there to answer your questions, give advice and provide the professional expertise you require, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.



Marketing Audit

We also offer customised marketing audit services, wherein we provide you an in-depth analysis of your current marketing and sales process. The results will help you improvise any strategic development.



Marketing Project Management

We realise that some of our clients may not be needing on-going marketing support but may need strategic expertise only for certain projects. In such cases, we will help your in-house market team with some strategies and recommendations whenever they require it. We provide such expertise for new product launches, marketing campaigns, etc.



Sales Support

A marketing plan works very well when you have good marketing strategies supported by a very strong sales team. Due to our hands-on-marketing-experience in a myriad of sectors, we know how to pass on your product information to customers and most importantly, how to convince them to buy your product. We offer both customised and strategy-based sales support.




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