Oxygreen Residency

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Oxygreen Residency - one of C&I's finest branding project.

The task - to brand a new residential project in Pune, predominantly targeting a customer base comprising of professionals from the higher middle class.

The challenge - to brand the developer's offering in such a way as to fetch a price higher (almost 30 % higher) than the current market rate.

C&I solution - We created a brand that is simple, elegant and ultra-modern. Fresh, light colours to help give the brand a contemporary feel while the name and tagline were created in such a way that the project could be highlighted as green and eco-friendly. The theme, all advertising material and creatives for this brand carried the green quotient. In addition, our unconventional thinkers came up with a very innovative concept - OGVE (standing for oxygen, greenery, vaastushastra and eco-friendly), to communicate the brand message and optimise brand appeal.

Oxygreen is now a market leader in the region and is seen as a benchmark for green-branding and must-have brand appeal.

C&I's APPLICATIONS - brand strategy, brand creation, implementation, engagement, print, web, amenity ideas, sample flat-interiors, wayfinding, campaigns, ideas, launch event, promotion in exhibitions



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